On Unplanned Trips & Spanish Walls

window reflection and balcony flowers ciudad rodrigo, spain

Back in August,
when the sun still rose high in the sky,
we gathered our things and travelled,
aimlessly, without a destination in mind.

I mean, we had planned to go as far as Vilar formoso,
like we always do when we're in Badamalos
for the sole purpose of stocking up
on the smoked Spanish Pimenton, we seem to live off in this house.

ciudad rodrigo steal work detail

balcony flowers ciudad rodrigo

ciudad rodrigo back narrow streets

I wasn't expecting it's energy and sounds, 
which seemed to resonate within its
maize of alleyways and terracota walls.

Nor was I expecting its beautifully framed balconies,
encased in old glass and lined with colourful flower pots.
And those wooden doors, so old, so filled with history.

Somehow, this old town managed
to encapsulate it's richness, it's tradition.

And someday, we'll make our way back there.
For some of it has remained engraved within me...


typography and door knob ciudad rodrigo

glass balconies ciudad rodrigo in spain

Pastelaria entreros ciudad rodrigo typography

pastelaria entreros window detail ciudad rodrigo

Spanish Pastries for Pastelaria Entreros in Ciudad Rodrigo

Letter Y typograpghy on red background

jamon castilla window

Jamon Hanging in Castilla

jamon castilla ciudad rodrigo wood detail

farmacia dorado ciudad rodrigo, spain typograghy

ciudad rodrigo windows and flags

street lamp ciudad rodrigo

beer detail old wood ceiling

mahou beer detail

love yellow windows



stone street and houses in Badamalos

I can't wait to tell you
about Portugal's wonder,
her winding trails,
and her charming ways.

We were tucked away, deep,
in a quaint stone village 
for the first few days,
within Guarda's undulating hills.
With views extending as far as
the eye could see.

Badamalos, has that quality,
of slowing you right down,
encasing you within it's
warmed summer stone walls.

We spent precious family moments,  
laughing, playing, jumping in the Coa river.
We ate and sang at the top of our voices,
danced, by the candle light
until the skies were dotted with stars.

We woke up early and slept late, 
trailed up to hidden, peaceful, spots.
Sat on boulders, at hill tops, 
and raised our arms to empty skies.

badamalos stone house old roof tiles


grape leaves and stone house

terracota door and stone houses badamalos

blue dress, lettuce and licken badamalos

grapes and hand

walking to the hill top badamalos


boulder detail badamalos

undulating hills badamalos

river view from hills Badamalos

tree and river coa detail

reflection river coa

water moody coa river

river coa splash

hill peak badamalos

The Stables

camden market

In all my recent trips to London,
Camden, has conspired to allure me every single time.

It's unruly and frantic streets,
stables, turned into market stalls,
old brick walls, filled densely,
with endless fabrics and colourful signage.
Some handmade, some individually carved.

Its vintage tones and worn out doors.
It's silent corners, that play raucously on night fall,
its beautifully vibrant, creative, eclectic crowd.

There's a part of me that says
I will see another of London's parts next time,
but as the dust settles, I remember,
there's a corner of Camden I have yet to see.

Happy Friday dear friends!
And I certainly hope, trips have been planed,
for the sun promises to brighten up the way.

the interchange camden stables market

camden stables market

delapidated phone booth and piled red chairs

camden stables maket private road

vintage signage on bricks

bricks and bells

morrocan lanterns old sign camden locks and right

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