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stone street and houses in Badamalos

I can't wait to tell you
about Portugal's wonder,
her winding trails,
and her charming ways.

We were tucked away, deep,
in a quaint stone village 
for the first few days,
within Guarda's undulating hills.
With views extending as far as
the eye could see.

Badamalos, has that quality,
of slowing you right down,
encasing you within it's
warmed summer stone walls.

We spent precious family moments,  
laughing, playing, jumping in the Coa river.
We ate and sang at the top of our voices,
danced, by the candle light
until the skies were dotted with stars.

We woke up early and slept late, 
trailed up to hidden, peaceful, spots.
Sat on boulders, at hill tops, 
and raised our arms to empty skies.

badamalos stone house old roof tiles


grape leaves and stone house

terracota door and stone houses badamalos

blue dress, lettuce and licken badamalos

grapes and hand

walking to the hill top badamalos


boulder detail badamalos

undulating hills badamalos

river view from hills Badamalos

tree and river coa detail

reflection river coa

water moody coa river

river coa splash

hill peak badamalos

Sweets from home to calm the nerves

Sweets from Arouca, Portugal

Hey there! I've been exceptionally quiet!
And my apologies... 
It's been for a good reason though.

In fact, it's just around the corner! 
Isolation, a group exhibition @ The Leper Chapel,
is unfolding as we speak, 
and will be up in an couple of days. 

And guess what? I'm in it!

And even though excited...

I must say, NERVES, frantic nerves
Are certainly taking over by the minute!
The kind that makes you grateful,
of friends that bring sweets from home. 

The kind that makes you call,
for last minute advice,
or make you wish they could
hold your hand on the way there,
and sit by you, 
whilst gazing eyes examine and dissect.

But, if I have learned anything in these years,
these wonderfully slow, uncovering years.
The outcome turns out two kinds of situations.
Good ones, and those that are truly GREAT! 
Because whatever the outcome, 
you always walk away learning a little more.

IMG_9206Sweets from Arouca, Portugal

Sweets from Arouca, Portugal

Sweets from Arouca, Portugal