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stone street and houses in Badamalos

I can't wait to tell you
about Portugal's wonder,
her winding trails,
and her charming ways.

We were tucked away, deep,
in a quaint stone village 
for the first few days,
within Guarda's undulating hills.
With views extending as far as
the eye could see.

Badamalos, has that quality,
of slowing you right down,
encasing you within it's
warmed summer stone walls.

We spent precious family moments,  
laughing, playing, jumping in the Coa river.
We ate and sang at the top of our voices,
danced, by the candle light
until the skies were dotted with stars.

We woke up early and slept late, 
trailed up to hidden, peaceful, spots.
Sat on boulders, at hill tops, 
and raised our arms to empty skies.

badamalos stone house old roof tiles


grape leaves and stone house

terracota door and stone houses badamalos

blue dress, lettuce and licken badamalos

grapes and hand

walking to the hill top badamalos


boulder detail badamalos

undulating hills badamalos

river view from hills Badamalos

tree and river coa detail

reflection river coa

water moody coa river

river coa splash

hill peak badamalos


My Portuguese Kitchen | Pasteis de Nata

pastel de nata

Well!! Good morning...

Can I just say that even though,
I love waking up to the lightly dusted,
snowy rooftops in Cambridge,
it's all really starting
to take it's toll on us.

All this fooling around.
With cold sun rays one minute
and dense snow the next...
Really does get us all yearning
for a few sunny days!

We are desperate for BRIGHT,
And blue skies,
that last a little more that an instant...

For sun bathed yellows,
and warm spring rays,
for bare feet and uncovered knees
light sweaters and mid-day picnics baskets,
filled with colourful,
sweet, yellow custard tarts.

Puff pastry layers

eggs and recipe pasteis de nata


My Portuguese Kitchen | A series that celebrates the amazing and simple flavours of our beautiful
Portuguese table.

PASTEIS DE NATA. Have you tried them before?
If you're surrounded by fireplaces and winter socks, eat them warm with a sprinkling
of cinnamon.
I like to dig out the custard filling with my coffee spoon, and have the flaky pastry

HERE is the recipe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

illustrated recipe pasteis de nata

How Would you eat your Pastel de Nata?


Bring along a little piece of home

pasteis de nata

There's a new Girl in town,
Adilia, a Portuguese baker,
opened the most amazing bakery
on Norfolk Street, in Cambridge.

Up until now... When that feeling,
that a little piece of home was missing.
We Cambridge folk had no choice, but
to drive a good 10 miles out
to find the nearest Portuguese Cafe. 

The main reason being... 
Pasteis de Nata! Off course
And a good old stocking 
of those Portuguese essentials...

norfolk street bakery outside

Nrfolk Street bakery

pasteis de nata 2

pasteis de nata close

So Dear friend! 
If you happen to travel this way 
make this one of your stops. 

And If you manage to reach as far as Lisbon...
BELEM! Pasteis de Belem.
It just had to be said.

Hope you have a sweet WEEKEND!

Have you planed anything grand? 


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