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The Stables

camden market

In all my recent trips to London,
Camden, has conspired to allure me every single time.

It's unruly and frantic streets,
stables, turned into market stalls,
old brick walls, filled densely,
with endless fabrics and colourful signage.
Some handmade, some individually carved.

Its vintage tones and worn out doors.
It's silent corners, that play raucously on night fall,
its beautifully vibrant, creative, eclectic crowd.

There's a part of me that says
I will see another of London's parts next time,
but as the dust settles, I remember,
there's a corner of Camden I have yet to see.

Happy Friday dear friends!
And I certainly hope, trips have been planed,
for the sun promises to brighten up the way.

the interchange camden stables market

camden stables market

delapidated phone booth and piled red chairs

camden stables maket private road

vintage signage on bricks

bricks and bells

morrocan lanterns old sign camden locks and right

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To sunnier days and London charm

Notting Hill portobello magnets


How wonderful to see you.
Are you well and rested?

My weekend was grand,
we spent it well, 
doing the usual things
that make you feel like home,
we sat around friendly tables 
and ate good Portuguese food,
we played and joked and stayed up til late. 
What else would you need? 

It's subtile and warm here today!  
What a great start to a busy week. 
The sun seems a little shy at the moment, 
but promises to come out to 
play a little, later on today
and thats enough to make me smile.

Days like these remind me
of trips we took
a little while back.
Through places that had been home 
for more than a handful of years.

The kind of trip that makes you feel
like a tourist in old familiar streets.
It got me falling back in love with London,
it's quaint pathways and eclectic colours. 
London has a habit of weaving you in,
into its magic and unmistakable charm.

Have you tried being a tourist in your home?
Have a Great Monday too! 


Notting hill london




notting hill london 2




Close up blue house notting hill london






Notting hill purple pink house loondon






street art signs notting hill london






Portobello road london






Portobello road london alley way

To markets and street food

I look forward to weekends! Don't you?
Those that inspire trips to the market.
Markets scented with sweet cakes and and pungent flavours,
like Bourough market in London.
Others with up and coming designers, of eclectic imaginations,
displaying their feathers like proud peacocks in Old Spitafields court.



I like Petticoat market and Brick lane’s international food stalls,
it’s vintage and antique covered walls.




Are you going to any markets this weekend? What are they like?

Photographs © Stella Pereira