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My Portuguese Kitchen | Pudim de Laranja

pudim de ovo

Spring, is softly making its appearance around here.

Gently blossoming buds on tips of every tree. 
Like balls of cotton wool, 
soft, delicate, patiently unfolding.

There's a warm breezes flowing through open windows,
skies covered in blue, 
cloud gazing, toes on freshly cut grass.
Finger tips dipped in freshly sowed earth. 

Enticing aromas invade from My Portuguese Kitchen, 
gently feathering through the house.
Burnt caramel, with orange back notes.

Hope you are having a lovely week, dearest friends!

pudim method


My Portuguese Kitchen | A series that celebrates the amazing and simple flavours 
of our beautiful Portuguese table.

PUDIM DE LARANJA | Portuguese Orange Flan

Light and delicately fragrant. A perfect little spring dessert.

HERE is the recipe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

pudim de laranja


My Portuguese Kitchen | Arroz de Marisco

arroz de marisco

Lately, I've been surrounded
by beautiful, inspiring food.
These past few days,
we got talking with passionate
food loving shop owners.

We peaked at the Cambridge food scene.
Eat Cambridge, certainly did lay it out.
And what an amazing array
of our local pantry, it was.

Also, one of my CAKES made it to the
Norfolk Street BAKERY Stall!
And I'm pretty chuffed at that...

It all got me thinking 
of My Portuguese Kitchen!

Arroz de Marisco, to be precise...
It's Portuguese Seafood rice,
and can I just say, 
It has to be top on that list.

arroz de marisco ingredients

The rules of this dish?

Everyone needs to be at the table, 
as it is served pipping hot,
straight off the burner,
still with plenty of liquid, 
almost a soupy consistency.

With a final sprinkle of
freshly chopped coriander
or parsley if you like to bend the rules!!!


arroz de marisco