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October Colours

october 2013 calendar

Hello Friends! 

October, is here with its
wonderful warm colours.
Ochres and ambers have invaded my palette.

Joyous trees frantically dance
to a drifting autumn hail,
sprinkling wispy leaves on street floors
with intense burnt yellows
and dark, deep reds.

Cool afternoons ask for 
socks pulled up to my knees,
with cups of smokey flavoured brews,
and ovens scented with sweet galettes 
of foraged berries and figs.

I hope Autumn, has been as beautiful for you too! 

To download the calendar,
go here for a larger file
and ​right-click to save to your desktop

xx Stella

p.s. I've started something NEW! Because I love painting with food and sculpting 
with cake, as much as much as I do with watercolours and paint.

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