Broas de Mel | My Portuguese Kitchen

walnuts and spices flour

honey pot detail

It's been a while, Hi!
How are things?

Here I am, back from our Portuguese holidays,
finding it hard to detach from a dreamlike state.
I feel somewhat divided,
with half of me still lingering behind,
half of me, left home with family. 
It always takes a while to get settled back in.

We spent the past weeks,
sharing pieces of Portugal,
It's endless summer and comforting food. 

Perhaps these pretties will ease us back in, Broas de Mel!


broa and walnut closeup

My Portuguese Kitchen | A series that celebrates the amazing and simple flavours
of our beautiful Portuguese table. 

broas de mel

BROAS DE MEL E NOZES | Portuguese Honey and Walnut "Broa"



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Blue Bird | 3 / 52FACES

Blue bird

“Blue Bird” Gouache on Paper 42.0 x 29.7 mm

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On Studio Walls

Studio Wall in b/w

So much of my time lately has been spent
within these beautiful studio walls.
There's this beaming light, basting every uncovered surface.
Walls quickly filling with illustrations of Portuguese Girls,
boats that lay Adrift and an ever growing 52FACES

The sounds are what I like the most, 
voices of chirping passers by, 
in all sorts of timbres and tones,
rushing in constantly from the busy street outside my open windows.
I love the sound of footsteps, clicking heels and rolling bicycle wheels.

The Paint on my palette never gets washed off,
instead cadmium hues and marine blue
are layered in endless combinations of grey.
I like that the next painting or illustration 
has a little of the previous one in it.
Almost like it evolved from the other. 

A little of my beautiful mess...

xx Stella

patterns bouy circles

studio succulents

cactus and cup

brushes and red paint

gouache palette paints

illustration detail on my desk

Hand printed furoshiki parcel

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