Bloom Detail

As I sit quietly, I feel...

The layers within me,
peal, continuously unfolding,
like petals, carefully untwisting
from their closed, silent shells.

The tips of old dry branches,
stretching out into hidden away crevices,
through pathways of forgotten journeys.

I feel ravaged gardens bloom...

Bloom flower detail

Bloom | Gouache on paper

Bloom, 2013 | Gouache on paper | 297mm x 210mm


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CALENDAR | July 2013

July Calendar

JULY! I love all that you are...

You draw us out of our shells
into brightly lit patios,
filled with sun fed leaves 
and tamed wild gardens. 

I love that you cast joyous shadows, 
gently swooning to a warm summers breeze.

That you invite us to slow walks 
through the same old streets.
That you paint beautiful pictures
of poppies against floors covered 
in fallen rose petals.

I love that you remind us 
of how beautiful the world really is,
and how lucky we are,
to be a small part of it all...

I Hope you're having a Beautiful Summer dearest friends. 

xx Stella

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SHOP News + A Little Note On Notebooks

Sewing hand illustrated notebooks

pangaweka hand illustrated notebook

A few weeks ago my studio,
was stacked high with piles of paper,
the kind that comes with speckles.
That kind that has in it woven words
of things now gone,
of previous stories and previous lines.

Hand counted into petite piles,
meticulously measured, folded, 
and stitched into dainty notebooks
illustrated one by one, 
each one, one of a kind.

detail stitch notebooks

pangaweka hand illustrated notebook green

I like that they are made like no other,
that they have a story of their own, 
and that these pages,
might someday be woven,
with your words and lines.

pangaweka hand illustrated notebook cherries


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