On Being Thankful + Giveaway

handmade/ illustration/ ornaments Christmas Giveaway

As we reach the beginning of the festive season
and the end of another year,
I can't help but feel thankful and privileged,
to have been part of it all.

To have found so much pleasure in slow living.
To have have found myself lost,
in pages filled with lines and colour.
Gathered stories and moments,
and unraveled new beginnings.

I feel fortunate for the new things I have learnt.

I'd like to share a small part of those small pleasures with you.

I've made you some ornaments, a little notebook, a soft fragrant pillow and an original christmas illustration 

The Winner is INES FONSECA! 

Thank you all for entering and taking the time to reflect about your year and sharing a little ofit with me. 


1 - Please leave a comment (as long or short as you LIKE)
 Maybe, even ONE word!
Tell Me: What Has Made This A Beautiful Year for you?

2 - LIKE (pangaweka) on Facebook .
A Winner will be chosen randomly, by hand on the 13th of December.
And notified on the 14th of December

CONDITIONS: 1 - To enter, comment on this post with "What Has Made This A 
Beautiful Year?" WINNER will be picked randomly. 2 - For entries to 
be VALID, head over to Facebook and like (Pangaweka)'s Facebook page. 
3 - Any unclaimed prizes will result in a 2nd chance winner being picked 
after Dec 14th who will be contacted via email. 4 - The prize consists of 
1 x handmade notebook/ 1 original Christmas illustration by Stella Pereira 
(that's me)/ 1 Handmade Fragrant Hand Pillow/ 3 Handmade Ornaments.

Illustration Copyright Stella Pereira GOOD LUCK!!

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Autumn Tones + Shop News

Autumn inspired gouache paintings and illustrations

Autumn has completely taken over my little Etsy Shop.

My palette has turned a deep shade of red,
warm burnt yellows, and hazy blues.
pumpkins and berries, apples and pears,

autumn painting girl detail

autumn painting pomegranate detail

autumn fruits postcards

apples and pears illustration

Don't you just love how Autumn, brings in so much inspiration with it? 


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Hello August!

august calendar
July... We'll be seeing you in a year!

So glad you passed by, 
you gave us beautiful picnic skies,
late mellow nights, 
watching midsummer nights, 
in quaint, secluded gardens,
barefoot, warm, green grass,  
mild patio afternoons, 
and we are grateful for that. 
How ever can we thank you?

August my dear friend! I must say, 
even though we are excited to see you again,
We would you like you here a little longer this time,
so please slow right down for us. 

Perhaps, you'll be taking us away,
to those places we long for, 
places with crimson sunsets,
laying behind undulating hill tops.
I can't wait to see what you've brought along.

And you my dear friends, 
what goodness has August brought along this time around? 

To download the calendar,
go here for a larger file
and ​right-click to save to your desktop

xx Stella

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Bloom Detail

As I sit quietly, I feel...

The layers within me,
peal, continuously unfolding,
like petals, carefully untwisting
from their closed, silent shells.

The tips of old dry branches,
stretching out into hidden away crevices,
through pathways of forgotten journeys.

I feel ravaged gardens bloom...

Bloom flower detail

Bloom | Gouache on paper

Bloom, 2013 | Gouache on paper | 297mm x 210mm


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CALENDAR | July 2013

July Calendar

JULY! I love all that you are...

You draw us out of our shells
into brightly lit patios,
filled with sun fed leaves 
and tamed wild gardens. 

I love that you cast joyous shadows, 
gently swooning to a warm summers breeze.

That you invite us to slow walks 
through the same old streets.
That you paint beautiful pictures
of poppies against floors covered 
in fallen rose petals.

I love that you remind us 
of how beautiful the world really is,
and how lucky we are,
to be a small part of it all...

I Hope you're having a Beautiful Summer dearest friends. 

xx Stella

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SHOP News + A Little Note On Notebooks

Sewing hand illustrated notebooks

pangaweka hand illustrated notebook

A few weeks ago my studio,
was stacked high with piles of paper,
the kind that comes with speckles.
That kind that has in it woven words
of things now gone,
of previous stories and previous lines.

Hand counted into petite piles,
meticulously measured, folded, 
and stitched into dainty notebooks
illustrated one by one, 
each one, one of a kind.

detail stitch notebooks

pangaweka hand illustrated notebook green

I like that they are made like no other,
that they have a story of their own, 
and that these pages,
might someday be woven,
with your words and lines.

pangaweka hand illustrated notebook cherries


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CALENDAR | May 2013


MAY, how polite of you to join us!

I see your doing...
In the tips of frail neglected branches, 
in sprouting forgotten seeds.

Where once you laid vacuous,
I see your shadows grow,
in delicate merging shades,
they sway and dance on empty walls.

I hear you emanating,
in hidden away voices,
the echoing sound of joyful creatures,
enamored by your setting.

I hope you my dear Friend,
see this gentle May.

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The Notebook Project | Hand illustrated + GIVEAWAY

Handmade : hand illustrated notebook

Lately, I've had this obsession,
with where it is I come from.
Where it is things come from.

The brushes in my hand,
the paint in these tubes,
the paper that lies beneath tips of pencils.
The notebooks I love oh so much!! 

So today, I've folded a small pile of paper in half.
Backed it all with a heavier card,
and stitched a line down the middle.

detail 2 diy notebook

detail diy notebook

NOTEBOOKS DONE!! As simples as that...

And the satisfying part of it all:

A very limited edition of TWO 
Hand Illustrated just for you!


hand Illustrated notebook giveaway

You can have these TWO.
And because there are twins,
I'd like to keep them together.
If you'd like to treasure them as much as I DO!

1 - Please leave a comment (as long or short as you LIKE)
Maybe, even ONE word 

2 - LIKE (pangaweka) on Facebook .

WHAT Will you fill these blank pages with?
A Winner will be chosen randomly, by hand on the 29th of April. 
And notified on the 30th of April 

TERMS & CONDITIONS: 1 - To enter, comment on this post with "In One word, or more... What will you be filling these blank notebook pages with?" WINNER will be picked randomly. 2 - For entries to be VALID, head over to Facebook and like (Pangaweka)'s Facebook page. 3 - Any unclaimed prizes will result in a 2nd chance winner being picked after May 6th who will be contacted via email. 4 - The prize consists of 2 x handmade notebooks hand illustrated by Stella Pereira (that's me). Illustration Copyright Stella Pereira GOOD LUCK!!

CALENDAR | April 2013

April  Calendar

APRIL, You're here!!
and how glad am I to see you.

You bring all things lovely and calm.
Your spring light, bright and high,
sprouting shoots and daffodils,
dirty, earthy finger tips.
Al last, time to dust rusty garden tools
sow seeds for summer blooms
hide away winter coats
picnic baskets, bare feet and uncovered knees.

Happy HAPPY April!!

To download the calendar,
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On Silent enchanted places

An incapsulated nymph angle detail

I find myself craving the silence
of quiet, tucked away places.
Where not a sound can be heard,
or a draft can be felt.

It seems, the delicate whispers
of colour, flowing from tips
of soft paintbrushes
make for good enough company these days.

I've found my sanctuary
in these endless forests,
layered with leaves.
Calmness in these tones.
Tranquility... In my own self.

Where do you go on days LIKE these?

An incapsulated nymph process

process and colours

An incapsulated nymph illustration

An incapsulated nymph close up

detail An incapsulated nymph illustration


Wake up to dream

Clouds II

Dear Friends,

Have you dared to dream today?

Lately, I find myself rushing into the studio.
At times, too early in the morning
with this urgent need to build upon
clouds of unfinished dreams.

Like whispers, that at times seem unattainable,
intermingling and continually flowing,
binding into structures,
strong, unbreakable structures.
Scaffolds, waiting to house
dreams that have yet to be dreamt.


clouds closeup girl linocut





girl cloud closeup





triangle clouds closeup




------------------ Have a wonderfully dreamy weekend. ------------------------

CALENDAR | March 2013

march calendar

Ah, Generous March!!

You've blessed us
with soft blue skies
and warm light through
tightly shut windows.

You inspire weekend walks
and treasure hunts.
Easter colours and
chocolate covered eggs.

To download the calendar,
go here for a large file
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Happy weekend! Dear, dear friends...

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Dream filled clouds


Doesn't it feels like February has ended so abruptly!

Where is all this time flying to?

Alas... Some things must come to an end
for others to unfold and flourish.

Speaking of which! 
How do you like these clouds of mine?
I'm filled with dreamy possibilities...
Like its all going somewhere.

And Friends... I'm telling you! 
GOOD things are coming
and wonderful things are just around the corner
all just waiting to happen.


To days of grey & Blackbirds in glass cages

Bird in a glass cage

Days like these are my favorite...

Hot, smoking tea cups
and fingers wrapping warmly
around paint soaked brushes.

Where blackbirds sit,
cozy in delicate glass cages.
And curious eyes peak
quietly, gently, calmly.

I hope you're having a fine and delicate day!

Please peak HERE for more examples of my work

To new lines on empty pages


It’s been a long while.
Funny how time flies by 
when you stop watching it even for a second...

But I have an excuse! Promise...

Lately, I've been head down 
enjoying the new line at the end of my pencil.
And it's becoming an obsession
always looking forward to getting them finished.

How do you like these new illustrations of mine?



Hold on tight

We've also been to see a little of the world,
viewed rooftops of entire new cities

We've been to long forgotten streets,
and laid in warm familiar homes.
We've celebrated and laughed, 
ate homely food made by homely hands. 

we've waited for night fall, 
sang our voices away
and danced until sunrises
and watched this wonderful world
turn another year older.

It's being good this new world.

And I have to say... Thank you for sticking around! 

P.s: You can find a little more of my work HERE!

The Box T-Shirt Project | Shibori inspired Printing


This week I’ve become obsessed,
with colour and with making.
So I’d like to share a little of my latest obsessions
and propose a little project.

The T-shirt project, my new uniform!
And Shibori inspired Printing, my found colour!


folding t-shirt for shibori printing

folding t-shirt for shibori printing

Rolling t-shirt for shibori printing

rolled t-shirt for shibori printing

folding t-shirt for shibori printing| close up

Turmeric for dye pot

Turmeric for dye pot

shibori printing | Turmeric dye

shibori printing | Turmeric dye

shibori printing | Turmeric dye

Shibori print yellow turmeric t-shirt

Hope you love it too!

HERE is the Box T-shirt template!

Come along and share how yours turned out on my Facebook Page

Re(fresh)ments | Melon lemonade

Melon Lemonade

September has it's charms...

It's mixed up days and occasional sunny spells,
It's gentle invitations to light scarves
and slow evening walks through dimly lit cobbled streets.

And just as summer is about to wave it's goodbyes,
here's a little refresher,
a gentle melon lemonade and a HAPPY happy Friday!




slice of melon

Melon Lemonade, ingredients

Melon Lemonade ingredients close up

Melon Lemonade, blend

Melon Lemonade, closeup

Melon Lemonade

Melon Lemonade/ painting

Paint on paper



3 fat melon slices
2 freshly squeezed Lemons
200ml ice cold water

Chop, squeeze and blend! Serve on ice filled jar.

Rabanadas and walks in the park

Park, Cambridge UK

Time is just flying by here!
In through one window and out
through the other,
like a swift breeze,
waiting for no one
and stopping for nothing.

I've spent most of it though,
with my mind at a wander.
With my hands in my pocket
and my feet busy crossing these wonderful parks,
under these wonderful skies.

And at times when wander wandered away,
I've been in the kitchen...
Making "Rabanadas" and dipping them in compotes.
Building layers of sponge cakes and strawberry with cream.
I've been carefully turning pages of an old recipe book
and planning what details to feed to my friends.



Detail, Rabanadas and strawberry compote

Rabanadas detail

light tree

Here is a Recipe

On Strawberry port compote and days gone by

Strawberry compote pancakes

A couple of days now,
my husband walked in 
with bags of strawberries
filled to the brim. 

I immediately stretched my hand 
and placed an apron over my head.

So now... Some will be frozen ready for smoothies.
And some will build tarts.
But, today! We have strawberry port compote.

It all got me thinking, 
of the days now gone by
when "Salady", the Malawian fruit vendor,
rang his bell and guided his bike into our yard,
heavy with seasonal veg and freshly picked fruit.

It got me thinking of how excited we'd be,
when we heard his bicycle bell. 
We'd hover around like bees
and jump around, begging my mother for this and that.

Salady, always hid something extra for us,
or at least that's what he claimed.
He knew Strawberries,
were what I'd look for though!

Strawberry port compote

Strawberry port compote

Strawberry compote pancakes

Strawberry port compote

Strawberry plates


400g strawberry
1/4 cup sugar
1/4 cup port 

In a medium sized pan, add strawberries and sugar and bring to gentle simmer. Add port and allow to cook until fruits are soft but whole. Stir gently until liquid has reduced to a syrupy texture. Store in fridge in an air tight jar.

To places of simple and calm

Out of focus yellow reflection

Hello! How have you been?
It's been wonderful here.

I'd like to tell you about wonderful places,
those that build around us
where worries and cares
walk in, untroubled and bare.
Where light is just light
and the silence is just right.
Where happy is here to stay
A place that soothes
that pushes over tightly
leaving no space for complicated.
A place always ready to pick,
elevate, to ease, to encase, to protect.
I've found that place in the most unlikely of places.
And simple is where it will always remain.






yellow reflection

Yellow bench

Papaya and lemon

Papaya and lemon

Papaya halves

Blue sky bricks

blue sky

blue sky over roof

Spiced honey cake for two sweet years

Life, these two years has been sweet!

So, I'd just like to share
a little sweet recipe!

For all the wonderful days my dear husband has given me!

Here's a wee honey and cinnamon cake!

Honey/Cinnamon cake top

egg and mapple

Honey and maple syrup

Honey/Cinnamon cake close up


honey and cinnamon cake

Honey and cinnamon cake with ice cream

1/4 cup moscavado sugar
4 eggs
2 cups plain flour
2 teaspoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon powder
1/4cup honey
1/4 cup maple syrup
1/2 cup hot water

Heat oven to 180 degs and line cake tin.
Separate yolk into large mixing bowl and set egg whites aside in a medium sized bowl. 
Whisk yolks vigorously and add sugar until creamy consistency is reached. 

In a sauce pan mix water and honey. Allow to simmer
Add hot liquid to creamed yolks while beating.
Fold in flour and cinnamon. 
Whisk egg whites and gently fold in to cake batter.

Bake for 1 hour at 150 degs in a fan assisted oven. 15-20 mins longer in regular oven.

To smiling and bloom

Good morning! It's beautiful here! 
Is it warm and bright where you are too? 

















I'm smiling... 

Because today I see,
the green on leaves,
the pollen on blooms,
of what grows within,
of life sprouting,
of what's new and bursting.
Because I see the colours within
and what's here now...

A rhubarb and rosemary syrup for sunny spells

Hi there! How are you on this beautiful day? 

It's rainy with minute sun spells here...
But, there's no surprise there.


I feel that If I keep at it, 
behaving like I'm in high summer,
sipping on refreshing glasses 
topped high with cordials (homemade off course),
filled to the brim with ice.

Or if I keep freezing lollies,
and bringing out all colours summer,
then the sun will come out to stay
and we shall finally go out to play!

So, I've made a rather handsome syrup.
One that's pretty in colour and full in flavour.
Strong, and vibrant and mature, yet delicate.
Great to flavour ice cold water,
or pour on pancakes,
even freeze into lollies.

rhubarb and rosemary syrup






To rhubarb and rosemary! 
With a hint of orange zest.


2 stalks of rhubarb, chopped
1 sprig rosemary
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
orange peal 

In a medium sized pan bring rhubarb, rosemary, water, sugar and zest to a gentle simmer. Cook until rhubarb has disintegrated. 
Strain through a fine mesh and return back to pan for further reduction, until syrupy consistency is reached.

Store in fridge in a sterilized glass jar. 

To Friday and dark cocoa on cakes

Ohh Friday, I've missed you... 
Where have you been? Are you here to stay?
Remember the time we sat all summer like you were friday everyday?
Please stay a little longer...

... I made cake,
the rich kind of cake.
The one you like to spend weekends with.
The kind mum taught us to make. 
It was so light and airy...
It still is...

chocolate sponge cake

cocoa powder

egg shells

chocolate cake

While you were away the sky turned blue,
a wonderful blue, and the sun is warm.
The kind that makes you think of the sea,
and makes you wish, and makes you smile.
The kind of sun that makes you talk happy.
And daydream quietly.
Lets hope it stays too. 

Blue cloudy sky


6 eggs
1 3/4 cup sugar
2 cups plain flour
3/4 cup dark cocoa
1/2 cup oil
3/4 cup warm water
3 teaspoon baking powder

Heat oven to 180 degs and line cake tin.
Separate yolk into large mixing bowl and set egg whites aside in a medium sized bowl. 
Whisk yolks vigorously and add sugar in stages until creamy consistency is reached. 

In a separate bowl mix cocoa, oil and warm water and mix until all the cocoa has dissolved.
Add chocolate mixture to creamy yolks.
Fold in flour and baking powder. 
Whisk egg whites and gently fold in to cake batter.

Bake for 1 hour at 150 degs in a fan assisted oven. 15-20 mins longer in regular oven. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

I made Pancakes and Apple crumble too... Will you stay just a little longer?