Broas de Mel | My Portuguese Kitchen

walnuts and spices flour

honey pot detail

It's been a while, Hi!
How are things?

Here I am, back from our Portuguese holidays,
finding it hard to detach from a dreamlike state.
I feel somewhat divided,
with half of me still lingering behind,
half of me, left home with family. 
It always takes a while to get settled back in.

We spent the past weeks,
sharing pieces of Portugal,
It's endless summer and comforting food. 

Perhaps these pretties will ease us back in, Broas de Mel!


broa and walnut closeup

My Portuguese Kitchen | A series that celebrates the amazing and simple flavours
of our beautiful Portuguese table. 

broas de mel

BROAS DE MEL E NOZES | Portuguese Honey and Walnut "Broa"



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My Portuguese Kitchen | Pudim de Laranja

pudim de ovo

Spring, is softly making its appearance around here.

Gently blossoming buds on tips of every tree. 
Like balls of cotton wool, 
soft, delicate, patiently unfolding.

There's a warm breezes flowing through open windows,
skies covered in blue, 
cloud gazing, toes on freshly cut grass.
Finger tips dipped in freshly sowed earth. 

Enticing aromas invade from My Portuguese Kitchen, 
gently feathering through the house.
Burnt caramel, with orange back notes.

Hope you are having a lovely week, dearest friends!

pudim method


My Portuguese Kitchen | A series that celebrates the amazing and simple flavours 
of our beautiful Portuguese table.

PUDIM DE LARANJA | Portuguese Orange Flan

Light and delicately fragrant. A perfect little spring dessert.

HERE is the recipe >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

pudim de laranja


Bring along a little piece of home

pasteis de nata

There's a new Girl in town,
Adilia, a Portuguese baker,
opened the most amazing bakery
on Norfolk Street, in Cambridge.

Up until now... When that feeling,
that a little piece of home was missing.
We Cambridge folk had no choice, but
to drive a good 10 miles out
to find the nearest Portuguese Cafe. 

The main reason being... 
Pasteis de Nata! Off course
And a good old stocking 
of those Portuguese essentials...

norfolk street bakery outside

Nrfolk Street bakery

pasteis de nata 2

pasteis de nata close

So Dear friend! 
If you happen to travel this way 
make this one of your stops. 

And If you manage to reach as far as Lisbon...
BELEM! Pasteis de Belem.
It just had to be said.

Hope you have a sweet WEEKEND!

Have you planed anything grand? 


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