Building on friendship

growing our friendship

Hello Friends!

Lately, I've been heads down, 
painting with a fury,
getting little things finished off
and another mountain started. 
Going back and forth 
adding touches here and there.

And I'm starting to get
rather excited of the new things 
hanging just around the corner.
Firstly, there'll be a new SHOP open soon.
And I promise you will be the first
to know when it's up and running.

And can I just say... 
It is oh so overwhelming, 
and I'm truly inspired,
by all of you, that take the time 
to see this little world of mine. 

Thank you for helping my creative tree grow.



p.s: Random question!!! Have you been to my Facebook page lately? 

One response

  1. I love your illustrations, words and recipes, looking forward to seeing more, anne

    April 4, 2013 at 10:19 PM

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