Escaping the rat race

Just over five years ago I left London for a job in Cambridge. In London I thrived on the race, the busy lifestyle, the constant rumbling, the vibrancy, restlessness and fast pace… the all-embracing manic flow of people and things from one place to another.

As much as I love London, I can safely say, I love Cambridge even more now.

But, being honest, the first few months in Cambridge were absolute torture. My addiction to the London life would put me on the first train out of the sticks at the drop of a hat! I was up and down so often, my friend’s called me the bag lady, as I was busy living in my nomadic shoes.

And then… Cambridge slowly crept in! I finally stopped trying to get out of the sticks, took a look around at my new surroundings and began to notice that the days were longer, the grass was greener, the streets cleaner, the people brighter, calmer, happier and friendlier. So friendly, it scared the heck out of me! You just don’t talk to random strangers in a packed train in London, that’s just crazy! Well… in Cambridge its just common courtesy.

Being in Cambridge made me slow down, lift my gaze off the ground and notice what was in front of my nose the whole time, Life! What I love most about Cambridge is that I started living instead of existing.


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